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Corinne, 2021-02-12 18:07


I was always fascinated by water, water quenches your thirst as sound does.
And sound is like nourishment.
I always loved this metaphor: I´m drinking my voice while sounding. Voice transforms into fluid, like the stream of a river moving through my body.
I breathe air, then oxygen gets absorbed by the thin lining of the alveoli and enters into the blood vessels. This process is like the transmutation of air into water and breath turns into fluid.
The play of sound into the body can be multifaceted. It´s nature cannot be grasped, nor fixed.
When I sound, allowing my tissues to respond, engage and vibrate, the fluid body, the wet body starts to dance and move. Sound feels like a gentle caress to my tissues.
It can also become quite intense. A shaking that awakens what was dormant inside, bringing aliveness and nourishment where tension was stored.
Sound felt from within becomes like being caressed..
I let myself be touched, moved, shaped, informed by the sound of my voice.
Voice massages my body from the inside, it´s a very intimate gesture, which opens up inner landscapes and allows stuck feelings to be moved.
Do I have one voice? Where does this voice come from?
The process wants to unfold like a continuum of breath, becoming sound, becoming movement, becoming water, shaping and re-shaping, continuously, completely impermanent the nature of this display.
Voice sound from within, allowing layer after layer, to become audible.
My whole history, the whole evolution is contained into this gesture. All species on this planet played a role in this moment of sounding coming out of my mouth.
It´s not my body anymore, it´s not my voice anymore. There is the permission to transmute and express ancient wisdom that is stored within everyone of us.
The life of plants, animals, minerals, the sound of the planet, of life itself, can be displayed through this highly intelligent instrument called: human body.

Voice is an amazing gift which channels a deep wisdom of healing, offering new perspectives, allowing new portals of perception to be opened and experienced.
This awakens my appetite to explore further possibilities of body-voice-mind interconnection.

Text by Corinne Castelli 


Corinne, 2021-02-09 17:24

How do we learn to channel, transform, relate, deal with anger constructively?

This question is since years an open inquiry for me. 

For decades I tried to suppress anger, the result : depression.Then I tried to act it out, the result: more suffering and pain. 

The Buddhist teachings have been an incredible help and source of inspiration for dealing with anger. 

Today I relate to it, dance with  it, trying to transform this strong powerful energy into PLAY and constructive action! not easy but sometimes it works! 


My wonderful friend, artist, photographer and body-worker, Elise has danced with her camera with me... exploring on the topic of : anger and play ! so much fun


admin, 2020-10-12 18:03

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